what is the microbiome

What is the Microbiome and how
does it affect our body?

The microbiome is the 90 trillion bacteria and flora which are contained in our body, primarily in our gut and on our skin. They make up 90% of our body – 99% are in our gut.

Until 10 years ago no-one had even heard of the microbiome but over the past few years more and more research has been done into the microbiome and it’s impact on our health. Your body’s microbiome is as unique to you as your fingerprint and can rapidly be altered by many factors. The right balance is critical to our health.

Our microbiome is fully formed by the time infants are 3 years old with a careful balance of good and bad bacteria. However over the years this balance is affected by lifestyle, environmental factors and what we put in to our bodies.

Stress, antibiotics, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, over use of detergents etc can all affect our microbiome and create an imbalance between good and bad bacteria.

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